Why not try the sauna and hot tub by the sea at Badholmen i Fjällbacka this summer? It is also a great experience in the autumn or winter. We offer great transportation by boat and bus.


Visit Nordens Ark. It's a great daytrip for the whole family. Walk around the fantastic animal park with endangered animals and see everything from tigers to snow leopards. The park is open all year round and also has a Christmas market in the winter. Bring your own picnic or eat at the park. It is approximately 20 km to Nordens Ark


Scen på Bônn is a great amphitheatre in a fantastic quarry just outside Hamburgsund. A range of activities and events are held there during the year, especially during summer. The music festival ”Favvofestivalen” will be held in June and other gigs and theatre shows will follow. Book your tickets online at Hamburgsund Infocenter. You can read more at Scen på Bônns website.


Vitlycke hällristningar. The rock carvings in Tanum can be found on UNESCOs World heritage site. The carvings were made approximately 3000 years ago and tell a great story about our past. Visit the museum, let the children experience the Bronze Age village and look at the amazing rock carvings. Don’t forget your picnic! It is approximately 25 km to Vitlycke museum.



Shopping. In Hamburgsund, Fjällbacka and Grebbestad they offer a selection of small boutiques and many clothing brands. Make sure to visit Hamburgsund Skor, Hamburgsunds famous shoe-shop that’s open all year round. Make sure you also visit Sportshopen, which is the largest sport shop in the Nordic countries, and  Tanum Shoppingcenter. They offer a shopping mall of 40 000 m2. There is a great selection of shops and restaurants. It is approximately 25 km  to Sportshopen and 30 km to Tanums Shoppingcenter.


Tanum Strand offer many activities and SPA/swimming all year round. In the summer they have a very popular after-beach, everyday. When you stay with us we will take you to the party, if you wish.


Havets Hus in Lysekil gives you an opportunity to experience the sea from inside its facility. In the enormous indoor aquarium you will see what can be found at the bottom of the sea. There are around 40 aquariums filled with exciting creatures. Havets Hus is open on weekends during the winter and every day for the rest of the year. It's a very exciting and instructive experience for all ages!


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