WEDDING & PARTIES Do you want your wedding party or birthday party close to the sea but to a reasonable price? At Kustnära we have everything you need for a successful christening party, confirmation or wedding between the 15th August and the 15th June. We have a kitchen and a large venue for big groups of people as well as great accommodation opportunities for up to 50 people.

You can choose your level of service. We can help you with everything you need, accommodation, food, decorations or you can choose to rent the whole building and plan your party all on your own. The party venue is located very close to the sea in case the wedding couple or group wants to arrive by boat. We have great options for boats, some of which can be decorated for the occasion. We can also offer a couple of more exclusive rooms that are popular to use as “honeymoon suite”.


If you book the whole building with all rooms included the price will be 18 000 kr/day. You can choose to only rent our party venue and let the guests pay for their accommodation themselves. There are also options to have your bed made, bed linens and whether or not you want breakfast. We offer many different options and are very flexible for you to find a good solution to your party, conference or wedding. Contact us for more information.




If you wish to put together you party, conference or wedding on your own we are happy to give you recommendations for hair dressers, wedding photographers, furnishing etc.


For catering we would recommend:


Hamburgsund Fisk & Skaldjur

ICA Skutan Hamburgsund,

Restaurang Källaren, Tanumshede

Håby Rasta, Munkedal


If you want help with setting up a package or other parts please contact us on via mail at or via phone on +46(0)523-536 36 to get a quote, more information or to set up a meeting.

Kustnära has for a long time been popular for weddings, parties, and conferences. Why not try an affordable, modern and flexible alternative by the sea? We look forward to seeing you.



Opening hours for the reception : 8 am-11 am and between 5 pm - 7 pm in June, July and August.


Phone booking is open on weekdays 10am-3pm all year round






Phone: +46 (0)523-536 36



Heestrand, Rådalen 10

SE-457 47 Hamburgsund


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